How to add Multiselect dropdown?

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In Item doc there is one custom field that is company,when user create a new item he want to select company but right now he can only select one company .i want to multiple companies here so how this acheived?can any one help me for this ?

how select multiple company here?


Please try this -

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one another issue here when i select the type “Table-Multiselect”
and in option i add the Company so it can not fetch the company from the company doc but it fetch the domain name here ? i want company name here ?how this acheive?

Still i am facing same issue …

First, confirm if the custom field created is set as Link and the Options is set as Company

Secondly, confirm if the user is permitted for multiple companies under user permissions. User should be able to see all companies if the steps above are true.

yes the custom filed type is link field

How about user permission. Is the user permitted for multiple companies?

No r8 now only one company permission for the user

My problem is when user create new item he can be select multiple company that set.

here i want to select the multiple companies

Okay if i understand you correctly, you want to create an item accessible to multiple companies? If that’s the case then this is already standard in ERPNext as the items list is global which means every company in ERPNext can access all items.

If it is to limit the item to specific company then i cannot help you there as i don’t know how, but if it’s for accounting/journal entry purposes then under the sales, purchases and accounting details, add rows and set the companies and ledgers accordingly. So when the items are used, it will automatically filter the company’s accounting entries based on the company set in the doctype.

I hope this helps.

Still i am facing same issue …

i have create on custom filed that is company1 , and its type is “Tab-Multiselect” but when i save the item then it gives an error manadtory filed even i fill all the mandatory fileds.