How to add negative opening balance of a customer using sales invoice?

We are uploading our opening balances for customers.

customer opening balance added via sales invoices.but we are facing a situation

Customer gave advance for a work.but the project cancelled due to some reason,so we have to return that amount to peachtree this amount is represnted as negative value.

How can i upload this negative amount as opening sales invoice it is showing like amount should greater than zero.

Please help

Hi @renjukumar
You can create a Payment Entry record for each of these customers


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If you want to mark it as opening balance, you can create a journal entry as advance received and “is opening” in more information section as yes.

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'Profit and Loss' type account Opening Balance Sales - AA not allowed in Opening Entry

error in journal when we update customer balance with temporary opening account

purpose selected as opening entry in journal and is opening as yes

Can i set the customer balance as opening entry in payment entry

In payment entry we can not select account as opening entry

what will be the accounts for this account Account Paid From and Account Paid To.

please help

That’s right. You won’t be able to create opening entries for Income and expense accounts​. If it is against a customer you will have to mark entries against debtor account and bank account or their equivalents in your system.

Hi Team,

Trust everyone’s doing great. I’ve been meaning to ask why there’s the restriction on -ve invoice amounts as stated by @renjukumar in the original post above. This restriction has caused headaches for people trying to bring in invoices from other systems (which generally allow such).

@umair any thoughts on this? I believe it’ll help make onboarding easier. A user should be able to freely import his/her existing invoices (+ve and -ve) without hassles


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please help ,if there is an other way

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Yes, we also have several customers that have credits with us from our previous system and they don’t have any opening invoices so we need to bring this credit into ERPNext in order to maintain good records. Is there any way to have a negative opening invoice? I’ve tried several different ways to no avail.

Yes.You can bring debtor or creditor with negative opening balances to ERPnext.Simply use opening journal.Take for example 2 creditors A and B with negative opening balances of N30,000 and N40000 respectively.Debit these balances to Creditor and select party A and B respectively and make such you select YES to “is Advance”.Credit N70,000 to Temprorary Opening Account.
Same is applicable to debtors with negative opening balance.

Hello everyone,

Is this problem solve?
I need advise.
Because I keep getting error when posting Journal Entry.

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