How to add new Category type to list of event

How to add new Category type to list of event (under selling > Customer)

go to Doctype list (input Doctype list in search bar at the top right), and search the Event doctype.
Go to the Options box on the Event Category fields, and add your custom event at the textbox. Don’t forget that each category divided by newline.

This method will potentially break frappe, just go with customize form method suggested by @khushal_t below


Please don’t change in doc-type directly itself if that doc-type is not custom(custom means - apart from erp and frappe and the one you have created)

  1. Go to particular form go there select customise option
  2. Go to select field add whatever option you want to edit
  3. Update the form

2 Points need to remember

  1. If you are doing this on your local development environment, you will have to carry fixtures using bench-export-fixtures
  2. You will have to sync your schema changes using bench-migrate

Whoops!, yeah my bad… to caught up in editing my custom doctype, Forgot that Event belong in Desk module! :sweat:

@yasserelbana, @khushal_t is absolutely right. Just go to Customize form, type in Event and edit that Event Category from there…

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if it solved your problem go like it and make it as solution so if any one comes he can get solution easily :wink:

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Thank for your solution its work for me and now i have choose it as solution for the problem
Many thanks for your advice