How to add new customer in online POS

There is no add customer button in online POS system. How can i add a button to add new custoemers.

There is an add customers button when the customer is not found in database already. Prevents duplicates.

Would this one work for you?

I can show add new customer field in offline POS. But there is no such a option when running POS in Online mode

But seems to be working fine for online POS also as per @Crikey 's screenshot. The “Online” flag is right there after “Point of Sale” …

Could it be a permissions issue in your user settings? This may explain why it would work in offline and not in online… Make sure the POS user has sufficient permissions to create new customer when on line.
I thinks we can be sure it is not a general software issue as it works on other peoples installation.


It doesn’t have to be a permissions issue. Works fine for me on v12
Which version is this site on?