How to add new line in print

I created text box in which data are entered in multiple lines.when i take print of this field,all lines are shows in a single line.\n is not there in print.please let me know how to solve this

@Hafees_Kazhunkil use {{ (doc.fieldname or "").split("\n").join("<br>") }} don’t forget of replace fieldname by the right value

thank you .found some error with
{{ (doc.fieldname or "").split("\n").join("<br>") }}
issue solved by using
{{ doc.fieldname | replace("\n","<br>") }}

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Where did you enter this formatting code? In the default section of customize?

In my custom field qu_required in the PO document I added to the options the line:
1.AAA %n 2.BBB
expecting to see in the print 2 lines.
In the print format Custom CSS I inserted:
{{ doc.qu_required | replace("%n","<br>") }}
Nothing changed - I see one line 1.AAA %n 2.BBB printed.
Usage of β€œ\n” instead of β€œ%n” behaves exactly the same.
Please, where is my problem?

In V13 it also works to put a <br> in a data field.