How to add new "Make" selection for Quotation?

How do we add a new “Make” selection for Quotation instead of Sales Order?

I need to know how many methods can make it, such as Custom Scipt, Internal Python Script? How to add?

Example: “Make Sample Order”

Hi @kennethwkz,

Could you please explain your use case?

Also, would you would like to change the Sales Order to something else? Or would you like to add something new?

Hi @Tanuj,

I want to add something new selection, example: “Make Sales Order”, “Make Something 1”, “Make Something 2”. Then “Something 1” and “Something 2” will fetch some field values from Quotation.

You will need to turn developer mode on and do changes in client-side as well as server-side code if you want to achieve such customization. It requires programmatic efforts.

Start from here:
Video Tutorial Series by ERPNext core team. >