How to add or deduct stock

Hi community, stock reconciliation will not work for us… We want to add or deduct stock qty for our inventory purchase… Any way to do it like item1 add 4 pcs, item2 deduct 5, item3 add 5 like this…

Hi @ErpnextRaja,

Another option is that to create a stock entry and select:

  • Material Issue: If the material is being issued to someone in or outside the company (Outgoing Material). The Items will be deducted from the Warehouse set under Source Warehouse.
  • Material Receipt: If the material is being received (Incoming Material). The Items will be added to the Warehouse set under Target Warehouse.

Thank you @NCP … But actually i am looking a single transaction where i wish to enter both + and - which I want to use for yearly stock adjustment.

Do you want item adjustment note (in, out or damage) at same document?

@Humming_Bird yes… exactly…can you please explain how to handle

Only possible in the Stock Reconciliation

Won’t “repack” have the same impact?

I believe throughout ERPNext it’s not possible to have + & - qty in same transaction document.

Either go for a receipt of all the + then an issue of all the -
Or go for a customized solution where you have a screen with a child table similar to the stock entry child table where you can give qty in + & - and on submission create the two issue & receipt entries automatically in the backend.