How to add page number in Custom Print format

  1. i want to add the page number in print format at footer but i got Page _ No _ page number is not appearing.
  2. Is there a way to add two different child tables in single print format help me out.
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Hi, this is i use:

<p>{{ _("Page {0} of {1}").format('<span class="page"></span>', '<span class="topage"></span>') }}<p>

Only works if it is in a container with the following id=“header-html”


if i use this method am getting" Page of "only is there any solution.

By default pdf gives you page number at the end.

Am saving the print in pdf but i dont get page number any way to add it in custom print format

It is only for the PDF, no print view.

Am also saying that in both pdf and print view am not getting page number

And put the id=“header-html” o id=“footer-html” in a container?


<header id="header-html">
   <span>{{ _("Page {0} of {1}").format('<span class="page"></span>', '<span class="topage"></span>') }}<span>

where should i put this code in my custom format or letter head

Hi, in your custom print format