How to Add professional tax calulation on the basis of month

Hi All,
I am creating salary structure, where i am not able to add professional tax (deduction) calulation.
Basically it is basis on month and basic salary , and I am not able add condtion on basic of month .
can any one give idea.

Kindly click on the checkbox at “Amount based on formula” and you’ll be able to add formula.

As per your screenshot, the present situation is useful when the deduction is based on Amount, let’s say if PT applicable for an employee is flat 200. Then, present situation as per your screenshot helps.

But my condition is Month base like if month is Feb then Professional tax 300Rs and for rest of month it will be 200rs per month.
Yearly Professional tax is 2500, So it will 200 per month deduction, but in month of FEB ,it is 300.
please guide me

PT is flat 200,It is based on Month for example.
PT yearly 2500.So it will deduct 200 per month ,but in month of FEB it is 300.
So total is 2500rs.
Please guide me

I don’t think so, there are any conditions by which we can achieve these deductions based on months. You have to make separate Salary Structure for month Feb and have to mention 300 for PT Deductions.

Community members are most welcome to answer in depth, how they manage these situations.
Oh, Yes. I’m stuck at same situation for ESI calculations. Hope your next question is same as of me. I had raised a discussion thread here, if you try to answer will help me to figure out how other organization maintains ESI contributions(1.75% + 4.25%).

Try to answer my thread as well, here it is: How to achieve 6.5% deduction of ESIC contribution from both Employee & Employer

300 if getdate(start_date).month == 2 else 200


This worked for me.