How to add progress bar in query report

how to add progress bar in query report? i i know there’s frappe.show_progress but i dont know where to put it in code. anyone have any idea?

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I woud suggest using background prepared report to do time and resource consuming report. The frappe script report main method is simply a callback with specific return to the frappe core . I think that’s the way Frappe reporting model was designed.

You can see the frappe source . The “run_query_report” method simply call our report script to get specific data and nothing else being fetched.

im sorry but what do you mean by prepared report?

Erpnext have a Prepared Report mechanism , which means that the report is not shown instantly and need to be generated in the background first. The documentation is here ==>

For example, the Stock Balance report in Stock module of manufacturing process is a kind of prepared report that will not be shown instantly.