How to Add project in purchase? Need Project Wise Ledger

I select project in purchase invoice item
also tried to select project on purchase order but in general ledger filter when i select project then not showing that entry. any purchase entry not showing when filter project in Ledger

How to Add project in purchase???

In screen shots i can only see payment entry. Plz select purchase invoice and it will show. The entry u selected is payment entry which dont have impact on P&L

@ushashmi thanks for replying
When i select Purchase invoice then entry are visible but when i filter project then entry invisible

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@max_morais_dmm then how to link Purchase Transaction to project
Simply, I need General Ledger Filter by Project

In your case the item is inventory item and none of your entries are going to P&L. Once this item get depleted through sales invoice then project sale and cost will be booked.

In case u want to record purchase invoice directly to cost then u have to create non-inventory item (without maintain stock box checked)

@ushashmi i tried non-inventory item (without maintain stock box checked) and create new purchase invoice but no luck

Its working fine in my test case. May b you are missing something

Make sure u r not clicling update stock while posting purchse invoice

Please tell me which process you do ? because i check everything but not appear entry

Steps i followed

1.Make new item without clicking maintain stock and assign item group “service”. Assign expense account of that item under purchase section. Make sure account u assign should be P&L account.
2. Go and make a purchase invoice with that item. Make sure not to select update stock box. Open the drop down of item table details and assign project. Make sure project is properly created.
3. Check the journal entry and it should show desired results

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@ushashmi as per your step now able to seen entry in Ledger but new issue :grinning: is that how does payment entry against project

My step:

  1. Create Purchase Invoice as per your step
  2. Make > Payment
  3. Select Project in Payment Entry
  4. Default account paid from > Cash - SDB
  5. Default Paid To > Creditor - SDB

Still no luck


Currently in erpnext we can only see the profitability analysis of projects and cost centers. Means all the GLs of P&L

Any attachement to Balance Sheet accounts is not considered