How to add purchase receipts for supplier portal page

Im trying to add purchase receipt for my supplier portal page but getting this error

my portal settings page.

I even tried adding just /purchase-receipt in the route field but it is not working
and tried app/purchase-receipt but its showing permission error
so I tried to set the permission using role-permission manager.

but still it didnt even work.

Can anyone please help me to deal with this issue…?

Thank You

Hi @Mohammed_Anas1,

You have to make a custom portal page for that.

Here pre-define the portal page:

You have to add a Custom Menu Item and make the portal page.

Please check it.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

@NCP So i have added purchase receipt in portal page i need to di the html and python coding in backend to achieve it…?

Yes, It’s needed.

okay will try it

Thank You for the help