How to add QC between Processes of a BOM

When manufacturing a Bearing Ring.

These are the steps of manufacturing process:

  • Purchase of Round-bar
  • Purchase Receipt of Round-bar
  • Cut the Round-bar into pieces
  • Forge the cut pieces into Ring
  • Perform multiple processes on the ring to get Final Ring.
    • Process 1
    • Process 2
    • Process 3
    • Process 4

In the above we can set QC at each Work Order level. That is when WO is completed user will have to perform QC.

But my problem is that I need to force user to QC at between each Process. And at time of QC there will be rejection also.

I tried in all way but could not find any way to add QC to each Process.

Can someone help me here please.



This is not possible. What I am doing is adding a Process called QC and the user has to go through that step.

Here there is one catch. We cannot record rejections between processes. When we close a process we have to submit the same quantity.


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Yogi Yang,

Thanks for the idea but that does not work for us as we have to trigger Inspection and capture readings.

I think we will have to customize it.

So now to question is how should we go about customizing this part in Manufacturing module?


I have similar requirment, did you figure it out ?

One way which might be a little tedious is to create multiple sub-assemblies and rejection warehouses for every process. I am considering this option as I don’t see any other way to manage this kind of thing.