How to add report charts in dashboard page

As ERPNext latest version now have support to add dashboard page and create charts of chart of account sheet. Let me add image of that page of which erpnext added support to create chart for…

@vinhnguyent090 added video for creating these charts. This is the link of that: - YouTube and I also created charts that are related to this sheet. Let me show you also…

Now my question is what to do if I want to add charts from reports, for example profit and loss statement. This is…

I want to add this to my dashboard page. The location of this in coding is:

Your help is so much appreciated!


Even i am facing the same issue, any help would be appreciated! Thanks

Hii sarmadmahmood969 …
Did you find any solution for this?

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This feature is a work in progress, @prssannad is building it and we plan to release it in version 13.

@scmmishra is this released in V13 already ? Would be very helpful to have it for our team too !!

@sarmadmahmood969 this feature is available on v13, v13 is on beta and the release is close. However, you can still try it, we are doing beta releases and testing and is stable enough for production use.

Within the reports, you’ll see a “Add to Dashboard” button, there you can specify the chart name and which dashboard to add it to.

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I’m using v13 on frappe cloud. I’m not getting “Add to Dashboard” button for any reports. Please guide.