How to add roles for asset doctype without editing core files

Hello, i would like to add permission rule for new role

i tried using roles permission manager but when i install my app on different system the roles need to be added again
is there any custom script to do that?
any help please?

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Hi @Masky,

When you add the custom role permission apply in Asset then added permission show in Custom DocPerm.

So go to the doctype and search the Custom DocPerm and go to the Custom DocPerm list and check to which you applied the permission that shows in the list.

Then export it using export-fixture in your custom app.

Please check it.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

I don’t have custom DocPerm doctype
these are my Apps

thanks that help me a lot

i cannot find reference document type

Hi @Masky,

When you add a Role permission in Role Permission Manager then it will come on Custom DocPerm if it’s a core/default doctype.

Then after exporting in the app. When you install the app on another site/server then it will apply the permission.

I hope this helps.

Thank You!

it worked.
Thanks that help me a lot