How to add sub-goals in Appraisal templates (How to create a Balanced Score Card)

Hello, am trying to create a Balanced Score Card to reveiew the performance of my employees however am limited as i can’t create sub-goals for the main goals.

For example, FINANCIALS is a main goal however under it I need to create some sub-goals like Increase Company Sales Volume
Reduced debts

However I can’t. Is there any way I can do it… Because in the template only allows the main goals.

I will humbled if there’s any way I can do it

have you create the sub goals yet? on the Appraisal doctype

hello, where do i find them?

Hello, here i am. however I don’t know which part i should change… Kindly advice

Because under the main goal i need to do such as seen below savvee

Am here at Appraisal Template Goal but its like i can’t add anything in it.