How to add support costs to quotes/sales orders

We have two groups of items in every sales order: hardware components and software items. We charge customers for annual support for both groups at a certain percent. For example, if the total annual software support is A percent and annual hardware support is B percent, we would have two rows for them on our quotes/sales orders and calculate them as follows:

Annual HW support: (Total hardware components cost) X B
Annual HW support: (Total software items cost) X A

These two items will be included in grand total.
How should I define these two items? how can I add them to quotes/sale orders?

I appreciate any help.

Custom fields. one for HW support, one for SW support.

Custom script
on change of items, iterate the item list, check “type” of item and add u percentage into custom support cost field.
on change of support costs, add to total fields.

print template probably also needs to include the new fields.

Thanks @moe01325. I’ll try it.

Finally, I applied your guidelines. I added both client and server custom scripts for it to fully work. Thanks

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