How to add tax on checkout in ecommerce , can somebody help me in configuring

I have added tax template at item level but tax is not added at time of checkout in ecommerce, are there any setting needs to be configured

Anyone can assist on this topic as I have the same issue as well. The Item tax template is not working in ecommerce.

You can share the screen where you want the taxes to be displayed.

The tax should be displayed on the checkout screen as a total amount. Also I am not able to find any settings that are relevant to show the price including tax on the item card or to mark that the price is inclusive of Tax.

Do you want something like this ?

i want like this

The first thing you need to set up is a fiscal rule.

In addition you must configure in the account settings in the tax section the Address used to determine the tax category in transactions.

Hi Leo_Saemiento,
The item tax works correctly both for POS sales and for backend sales. All setup is done as you have shown. It is not working on the ecommerce side only. I also wish to show the customers the price of the product including the tax so I prepared a price list with the TAX. Now I need to set the ecommerce to deduct the TAX from the product rather than add it.

Have you found a way to show customer price of product, including tax, on /shop-by-category page?

Not yet. Frappe support are trying to find a solution on V15. But I am still awaiting an answer. It seems that it is a bug.

Thanks for prompt response.
Im no programmer, but found this “Website Item” test >
Looks like the script tests price for logged_in_user, and for guest_user.
Could this code potentially be used to apply some workable logic to it?

	# price should be fetched
	frappe.local.shopping_cart_settings = None
	data = get_product_info_for_website(item_code, skip_quotation_creation=True)

	price_object = data.product_info["price"]
	self.assertEqual(price_object.get("discount_percent"), 10)
	self.assertEqual(price_object.get("price_list_rate"), 900)

Unsure how to code/script it though.
“price” multiplied by 1.15 (where .15 would be the additional 15% tax applied to total)

I have found a workaround for this, I was facing same issue from many months. It’s the India compliance app, I uninstalled it and everything started working. Better get rid of it till the time they fix the India compliance module. Mark as solved , if it helps. :beers: