How to Add "Taxes and Charges" to Unit Prices?


In order to be able to quote a proper CIF price, where the unit price of each item has to include all freight-related charges, I would like to know if it was an automated way to evenly add the costs from the “Taxes and Charges” section into the unit prices of all quoted items, instead of separately displaying them below the subtotal.



For item wise tax.
You can see tax-breakup of each item.

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Thanks for your answer.

However, the freight I need to add is not a percentage like a tax rate, but a fixed value. Selecting “On net total” evaluates the rate as a percentage though, thus returning the wrong result.

What I am looking for is a way to add a fixed value such as freight and have it calculated it over all items, so that the cost is included in the total price, but not shown in the printout. This is the common layout of quotation with price basis CIF that include freight and insurance.

For what its worth, I am still using ERPNext version 4.



You can set Tax Type Actual and then enter amount.

Also, if you want to include tax amount in basic price, then you can select check-box Is this Tax included in Basic Rate?

reference: Frappe Cloud

When I choose the type “Actual” and then click the checkbox “Is this Tax included in Basic Rate?” I always get the following error message: “Actual type tax cannot be included in Item rate in row 1”.

In this case there is only one item line in the quotation, which probably is what “row 1” refers to.

Hi @bytesource

Currently, it is not possible to include flat amount type charges to be included in Item’s price.

As far as I know, it is usually the percentage type taxes that are included in an item’s price, and shipping charges are expensed out separately and shipping is marked as free or is shown separately.

@nabinhait what’s your opinion on this?


Evenly distributing a fixed cost for freight and insurance among all line items is a general requirement for all export-oriented businesses that need to send out quotations with price basis CIF. It therefore would be great if this feature could be added to the next version of ERPNext.

dear any update for the flat rate to be included in

You can use the Landed Cost voucher to allocate any fixed cost among your items. I can be allocate by quantity or value.

Check it out.