How to add timestamp under support and issues

Hi Team,

How to add timestamp under support and issues.

I need to fetch the team reports for the weekly meeting. We are using Support and Issues to handle the customer tickets. I have to present within the speculated time we are closing the tickets. When I download the reports I couldn’t find the accurate data. For instance, the First Response Time is incorrect when I download the reports. Assume the email has received today(24 July 2023) around 12 PM, we have provided the resolution and closed the tickets within 2 hours of time. But when I download the reports the closing time is showing as 10 days 11 hours 29 minutes. We have closed the ticket within 2 hours but the time overall duration is showing as 10 days. This is because we have received the first email on 14 of July 2023.

Your support is appreciated to resolve this error in the reports and I have a tight due to submit it. Thank you in advance and looking forward to the resolution.