How to add to / alter Frappe Form control drop down menus?

I need to achieve a comprehensive customization of “Invoice”.

Do you have experience with such customizations?

I’d really appreciate some pointers to relevant documentation, forum posts, tutorials, videos, etc that you might know.

Here’s what I hope to do…

Status Area

Add a second flag in the status area showing the status of the electronic invoice…


Create a sub-menu item under Reference in the Invoice dashboard…

View Menu

Add a new item to the View menu linking to the Electronic Invoice List…

Create Menu

Add a new item to the Create menu to start the invoice signing process …

Invoice Menu

Add a new item to the Invoice menu to start the invoice sending process …


  • Are all those customizations possible?
  • Do you know of tutorials that demonstrate how they are done?

A few of your customizations are possible within ERPNext. You can check out the documentation here: Customize ERPNext

Thank you. Yes, I have read and reread those pages over and over again trying to see how to achieve all of those changes. Unfortunately they barely scratch the surface it seems.

The contents of each drop down depends on the status of the doctype, and of other factors as well. I’ve tried reading the code of “Sales Invoice” but obviously much of the functionality is handled generically for all doctypes and I do not know where to begin to look for the relevant code.

Most of the dropdown changes you need have to be done in code. We’re working on a feature to add custom doctypes in the form dashboard.

You can use frm.add_custom_button to add buttons in the form topbar.


Shivam, I really appreciate you’re clarifying this for me, and I am delighted that work is underway to make it easier.

I’ve begun looking at work arounds to limit my needs to what is currently strongly supported.

By the way, the documentation you recommended directed me to look at Field Types to learn more about the choices available. One requirement is to display read-only XML with correct line breaks and indentation.

I’m asking a new question about that now. If you have any suggestions I’d be glad to hear.

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We have a code field, you can add your data there. It won’t autoindent or format it if it’s user generated. If you’re adding it programmatically, you have the option to format it yourself.

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Just tried it.

It’s exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!

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