How to add user signature and fetch

i am able to use signature field and sign manually on one doc type as we see below ,

but the challenge for me is

How to save specific user signature at the user level and fetch the same signature in another doc type?

and also how to restrict adding signatures if the user specific.

thanks in advance

Hi @prasad_naik
If you want to bring a Signature from one doctype to another doctype then you can use Fetch From,
Thank You!

Right, but where to save the user specific signature?

I like to save it in the employee doctype.

@Yamen_Zakhour : i tried, but i did not get the signature field in employee details.

can u pls share the image to find out please

I have a signature field in employee doctype to store employee signature, as the following;

In our print format HTML view we prepare an area to receive their signature;

User will be requested to enter their passkey/password;

Using API we fetch the signature from the employee doctype, watermark it, then display it.

For every doctype that requires signature, we create a custom long text field to store the base64 url of the signing employee’s signature

thats a good information.

I can create signature field and save it,

Challenge will be on fetching signature from the user using API since am not a techy person :slight_smile:

any suggestions to this how to use API, where to PUT and all.