How to add vat on delivery costs

For example i have delivered my products to a customer eg 10 bags of cement and 100 bricks and i have to deliver the products and i will charge my client the delivery cost which in turn will be charged vat… how do i key in the costs because i cant keep creating an item under delivery each time i want to make a delivery which is tiresome

If you use deliver Note Doctype you can add the deliver service and apply VAT, now if you want add automatically the item under delivery must do it as Custom Script.

Other option is to create an item named Delivery Charge. Keep it a Non Stock item with zero selling rate. Add this as an item in the invoice and add rate manually as needed. Tax rules will apply then on it as well.


in the charges table add two lines…
Delivery cost (row 3) and next line VAT on delivery (row 4)