How to allow Material Transfer (Stock Entry) amount > Material Request amount

I create Production Plan → click button “create Material Request” → click button “create Transfer Material (Stock Entry)”

The case is Material Request asks for 60 piece (because according to BOM).
However because the stock is kept in box of 100 piece, the minimum that I can transfer to the production area when Material Transfer (Stock Entry) = 100 piece.

This result in error and I cannot submit the Material Transfer document because error says “The total Issue / Transfer quantity 100 in Material Request MAT-MR-2020-07-00001 cannot be greater than requested quantity 60 for Item xyz_item”

How can I allow Material Transfer amount > Material Request amount?

I have tried these, but it doesn’t solve the problem:
Manufacturing settings: Overproduction Percentage For Sales Order = 200%
Manufacturing settings: Overproduction Percentage For Work Order = 200%
Stock settings: Over Delivery/Receipt Allowance (%) = 200%


In manufacturing setting, you can check the “allow excess material transfer” under the Job Card section.
Manufacturing Settings (