How to allow more than one role to access a private file?


I want to understand what would be the best way to give access to a private file to multiple roles.

We’ve office employees uploading their information documents and they are private of course we do not want to make them public because they are sensitive.

But we want the officer manager to access them. Currently trying to open those files throws a 403 because only the uploader of the file is allowed to access it.


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I am trying to do the same but I am getting the same error 403 like you. Did you find a way to make private files accessible to a particular role?

I don’t know about roles but you can share the file with other users and set the appropriate permissions.

yes, I am aware about this feature, but I would like the files to be visible to a custom role as soon as it is uploaded as a ‘Private File’ by a separate role, just like how Administrator role can view the private files.

You might want to write your custom script to check for the role and then grant permission

Is there no other way than to write a script? I thought there would be few checkmarks to fill and then it would be all set.