How to Allow Print Before Pay in Point Of Sales

I have set allow print before pay in the POS Profile,

But the function still doesn’t work, and undefined value appears when I check in console.log (this.frm.doc.allow_print_before_pay) in file point_of_sales.js

I want to know whether this doc is running or not

I want to use this function to Print Item before paying so that the Sales Invoice has Draft status,

It appears you are correct.

But you should’t have to be modifying anything in the code to get it to work.

When the check box “Allow Print before pay” is checked in the POS profile, the “Print” function is supposed to be added to the drop-down list of the “Menu” button at the top of the the POS screen. However, this does not appear to happening in my v10 or v11 production installs.


Thanks for your answer

because the request wants to make it a draft

I was forced to delete the results and the print button will appear.