How to amend Purchase Invoice to post to new account


I’m relatively new to ERPnext so I’m hoping this will be an easy answer.

At the moment all Purchase Orders/Purchase Invoices post the costs into the “Cost of Goods Sold” account, however I would like to set up a Purchase Invoice template(s) that post into a different cost account. For example if I’m putting through Purchase Invoice for marketing costs, to select a template that will instead post into the “Marketing Costs” account. At the moment I have to manually journal the cost from the “Cost of Goods Sold” into the “Marketing Costs” account, and I would prefer something more automatic.

Could someone please advise how I would set thing kind of thing up? Or point me in the direction of where I can find the solution?



Hello… Welcome… You can automate this using
Based on certain criteria

Thanks for your reply. Do you know where I could find example scripts for this kind of transaction? Or is there a way to view the existing scripts so I can make the amendment?