How to apply a Chart of Accounts (other then Standard) on a fresh install?

I am on a new installation (7.0 VB image) and the only accounting entries done is the working currency of my Company

now I need to setup our Chart of Accounts and wonder how to do that. When I look at >Accounts >Chart of Accounts there are entries (looks like the Standard CoA to me). However when checking >Setup >Company The field Chart of Accounts is blank. I can choose Standard from a dropdown menu (but practically this is still unchosen).

I am sure that I won’t use the standard Chart of Accounts (starting with simple things that something like Application of Funds will become simply Assets i.e

Manually editing the standard doesn’t seem to be an option because you are not allowed to change the ‘root’ accounts apparently

Ideally I’d use the Chart of Accounts builder but would like to know how (once I built the Chart of my liking) I can get it into my system (ideally populating the dropdown menu >Setup >Company >Chart of Accounts.

secondary question are the credentials of related to anything else (this forum, user or do you have to add another account just for the Accounts Builder?

there must be a solution for this I hope … anyone?

Hi @vrms, you were able to use the chart of accounts builder? I try but always come an error and use the standard is not a good solution much less edit. For example I want remove balance-area from accounts by permission but I guess that edit the standar is not so good. Thanks for any help.


I wasn’t able to spend much time on this … that being said I made no progress with understanding this matter whatsoever. For now the only way that I am capable of is to adjust the standard CoA manually when setting up a system (which is a bit of a dreadful thing to do. but it works)

I understand, well I’m customizing the standard CoA I’ve created my own .js and editing some functions. Thanks for answer me @vrms.

can you share how you do that step-by-step here?

I’d be really interested to know (and maybe many others too)

Sure. I’m with this issue

So I need override the “onrender”. Well I’ve created an account_tree.js in my public folder (in my app). I was with a issue to inherit the Class so I’ve made thi way

var obj = frappe.views.trees;

var b = setTimeout(function(){
$.extend(cur_tree, {
onrender: function(){
}, 500);

Note: this code was just a test hehehe.
I’m not sure if this is the right way but with this I can override the events. Onload, onrender and etc. But remeber the data came from report balance sheet. I hope help.

hello @Thiago_Henry
i am trying to override onrender function in warehouse tree .
do you know how to do this .

i am using version 13 of erpnext .

i need to override this function so i can hide warehouse balance values .