How to apply a fixed Tax amount on items sold for 1 specific item?

I am trying to create an eco fee linked to the number of batteries sold. This eco fee is later have GST applied on it.

I heard the only way to do it automated is to use the Taxes and Charges.

Item taxes only work on rate %…

The Taxes and charges work on a sale order, but there is no way for me to link the item to the taxes and charges template as I can only link the Item Tax.

Therefore I am unable to set this Taxes and charges (eco fee) linked for the batteries item only.

The sale order allows me to choose the Taxes template but it will apply to all items, not just the batteries.

I set a tax rule based on the item, but it’s still not working. I heard it is not possible to link Tax rule with an item, only customer, location, … are possible options…

  1. An item tax would be solving all issues if an amount based on quantity is available. → not possible
  2. Link tax and charges to a specific item → also unable to make it happen

Anyone can help? thanks

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@NCP hello. Do you have any idea regarding this? thank you!


Same need here…but for buying/purchasing module as my company buys products that include ecotax (fixed tax amount per product quantity purchased)

For your case, maybe it would be a workaround of creating an item, let’s say consumable, and then bundle it with your main product. But it would be tricky to set up everything else related to it (eg chart of accounts, sales turnover etc)

@Steven_Athouel may be also still interested in a solution to that issue



the question now is how do we put the UPC code for the battery in the POS when bundled with an eco tax… and eco fees here are like in a tax “account”, and how do we link that to a tax type account rather than an expense?

Also, do you mind to create a video on how u bundle them? I tried to understand that section, but i got lost lol thanks!!

I do not know if bundling can work and what are the implications. Just say

At the following link you can find the documentation for product bundles
Product Bundle (

The concept is that you have a (virtual) bundle product eg BATTERY incl ECOTAX that bundles
i) the referenced battery product (of inventory type with UPC code)
ii) the ecotax item

At the ecotax item you should properly adjust everything at the accounting tab so as to represent a tax rather than a typical product. I am not sure that is feasible

Once again its just a brainstorming proposal and not a tested solution.
As I have already mentioned at my earlier post I am also in need of the fixed tax amount field inside the item doctype.