How to apply Default Template (Not Theme) to WebForms

I have a custom Template for the Website, all my pages inherit from it, I want my webforms to also use these Template files, but since I have no HTML for Webforms I don’t know how to cause them to inherit from my template.


What is happening?

Why are there no answers to simple questions? How is Frappe supposed to create developer adoptability if documentation is missing and questions are unanswered?

Hi there,

Please understand that this is a forum of volunteers, and anyone who helps you is doing so out of literally nothing more than a sense of community. None of us is getting paid to create developer adoptability.

You’ll usually get more response if you are very specific about what you’ve tried, what you expected, and what you saw. In this case, I’m not sure what a “default template” refers to exactly, but the webform doctype has a template that inherits from templates/web.html.

Any changes you make to a web.html override file will appear in webforms as well. If that’s not happening on your installation, it might be a caching issue.