How to apply item wise discount in the item table of Purchase order


I want to apply discount on each line item in the item table when creating a purchase order however, I do not see the downward arrow at the end of each row as mentioned in the erpnext documentation to apply the discount. How can I apply a 15% and 10% discounts on two separate line items in an item table:

I also don’t see “Enable Discount Accounting for Buying” in the Buying setting. Not sure if that’s what enables the downward arrow.
I am using ERPNext 13.36.



If the PO is in draft mode, then go ahead and click on the image at the end of each row and look for

If PO is submitted, you would need to delete and amend it

Hi @centaur ,
Thanks for the quick response. yes the PO is in draft mode but I don’t see the “Discount and Margin” option after clicking on “Edit” next to the row.

Is there a setting that has to be enabled somewhere to make the option visible?

Which version of Erpnext and Frappe are you running??

it after Quantity and Rate

I am using the following versions and don’t see it after Quantity and Rate

ERPNext: v13.36.3 (version-13)
Frappe Framework: v13.37.1 (version-13)

The reason you are not getting the discount option is your “Price list rate” is Zero !

Once you add your price there… the discount and margin will appear

That worked, thank you so much.