How to assign supplier a supplier code in erpnext

I want to add vendor code to all my vendors.

You can add custom field for that or using naming series…

@sngprojects This can be easily done by customize form as said by @jof2jc. You just have to add a new field and use it for either autonaming if require or just set that as title field.

Is it possible to automatically add supplier code to all the suppliers that we want to add. The nomenclature that we want to have for Supplier Code is “Initial Letter of supplier name - sequence in which it is added.” For Ex Amtek is first supplier we want to add in A category, so auto vendor code should be A-001;
Any further addition of supplier whose name is starting with alphabet A, should be given vendor code as A-002.
Similarly for every alphabet the series should start from 001, 002 & so on.
If this is possible in erp next, please let me know the step by step procedure.


Yes this is possible but with customization in code. you have to change or add the make_autoname function in py file. you have to make name by concatenating suppliers initial (striping its first letter and capitalizing it) with ‘-###’ to obtain desired result. for this you can study make_autoname which is available in many existing doctypes.

Deep Trivedi.