How to automate discounts but show discount on invoice


I’ve been researching price list, coupon code and such.

Does anyone know of a method to automate discounts but show the discount on the invoice?

I’ve tried the coupon code method, but that just changes the price of the item so it’s not reflected on the invoice.

How can I automate discounts, but show the customer that they were given a discount?

It seems out of the box, the only way to show a discount is to apply it manually on the net or gross total or manually on each item line.


Pricing rule is your friend :slight_smile:
(search on awesome bar)

You can set a lot of different behaviors: apply to customer, customer group, etc … mixed conditions, qty and amount minimums, discounts on percentage or amount, based on margin …

Depending on your print settings, discount will be shown.
Hope this helps.

Thanks @avc

I tried the pricing rule and associated it with a coupon code. When applying the code, the price
is changed directly, so the amounts in “%discount” and “discount amount” are zero.

Can you elaborate on how to show the coupon code or pricing rule discount on the sales order and/or Invoice?