How to automatically update Issue status to Replied after sending email

In the older version we were using (v6.25), if we open an Issue, its initial status is “Open”. And when we send an email from that Issue, the status is automatically updated to “Replied”.

Now, we have switched to v10. But in the same scenario - Issue doc is opened by system user - when we send an email from that Issue, the status remains “Open”, and we have to manually update it to replied.

We’d like to have the same behavior as the v6.25 - the automatic update to status Replied upon sending of an email. I can’t seem to find a configuration setting for this. I’ve also tried searching here in the forums and in Google. But no luck so far.

Help, anyone? Is there a setting for this somewhere? Or do I have to use a custom script to get this behavior?

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The change came out of the use case that replied emails aren’t often closed, the issue can remain open even if there is a temporary reply, which would cause an unresolved issue to get removed from the ‘Open’ status and lose track. But if it is resolved, it would be the resolver’s judgment as to consiously close it or set it to ‘Replied’.

So as it was an intended feature, the required behavior can be done with a custom script.

Thanks for that info @pratu16x7. I had the feeling this is somehow the new intended behavior really.

Anyway, would you be able to point me at the right direction for the scripting? I’ve been able to implement some custom scripts on a couple of custom doctypes, so I have a little idea about events. But what event would be triggered when an email has been sent from a doc?

Some sample code would be much appreciated.

I discovered this myself a while ago, all documents have a timeline_refresh event as well that would do the job:

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Thank you very much for this, @pratu16x7. I’ll dig more into this when I can get back to this particular issue.

For now, the next question I face is how to detect that the cause for the timeline refresh was an email having been sent and not just a comment posted, or something else.

I’ll try to find out about this myself later… but I would also appreciate if you can give some ideas. :slight_smile:

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Hi @pratu16x7

Thanks for this explanation though I don’t think it’s the ideal approach. Updating Status of an Issue to ‘Replied’ should be automatic once an email is sent. Alternatively, there should have been a switch in Support Settings for the user to decide if they want this behavior or not. I think this needs to be fixed if it hasn’t been already


Hi @Nimrod

Did you find this solution? I’m looking for something similar… to determine the kind of event that caused the timeline_refresh


@pratu16x7 in the ERPNext documentation, it is written that “If the sender replies to the thread, the status becomes “Open” again.” as shown below

But if I once close the issue manually and then the person with “raised_by” email replies to my email, the issue status does not change to Open, it is still Closed. Can you help in this regard ?