How to avoid loosing doctype modification on each bench update

Everytime I bench update, I have to go to every doctype to disable email validation on the email field (quote, sales order, sales invoice, payment entry).

And I have to set my default print format.

Is there a way to avoid erasing those modifications?

You can keep a backup of property setter doctype and import it after update. This is a manual way of ensuring your customizations are there after migrate.

Default print formats are set in the database, and likewise they shouldn’t get wiped on update. If you’re experiencing that, it’s possible there’s something not right.

For overrides, the answer depends on how exactly you’re doing them. Most code can be overridden in apps these days, so it should be possible to do why you want to do using the class override hook. If you post more details about what you’re doing we can provide more specific advice.

I have a similar questions on child table set-up. For ease of use we manually set child table to show by ticking in list view and giving it a number lik 1 or 2. On every bench update we need to reset these. These are not custom fix but as per core. Any way that the settings remain same in bench update and migrate?

Here are the two main things I always need to do. I have not email text in email fields so if email validation is enabled, I cant submit my documents.

And I need to go set my default print format after every update for sales order and sales invoices.

This is an example of X-Y problem: XY problem - Wikipedia

Why do you need to remove email validations from email fields in first place?

  • Is it not working as expected? Create a bug report.
  • You’re storing non-email data in that field? Don’t use this field and create a custom field.

Customizations should never be done by editing doctypes. Use “Customize Form”.

First I use customize form.

Second, in the past with previous version, I was using the email filed and it was fine. The validation came with v13 which cause the problem. Now that there is no way to remove the “bad” email because the field is locked, I must disable the validation to be able to continue to use the system.

I don’t understand what you are describing here. Can you try again, with more detail and perhaps some images?

I’m not really understanding what you’re trying to do here. Why would you put non-email text in email fields?

In previous version of erpnext there were no email validation, so I used this field to put facebook profile link to the customers we were dealing with when we didnt had their email. Now this field is “locked” so I cant remove this info and the validation is a problem. This is why I need to disable email validation.

Only other solution I know is to do it manually in the database, but I dont know how to do that and I dont want to mess everything up.

I would have thought that the using the Customize Form tool to override field options would have worked, but if not any other solution is going to be a fair bit more complicated than just cleaning up your data. The problem can only going to get worse over time. ERPNext expects email data there, and the string validation is there to prevent problems in other places.

If you’re not comfortable manipulating the database directly, you could always use the console.

No need to fiddle with console or database. Use “Data Import” tool to bulk update your customer/supplier data. :wink:

I’m still looking for a solution to this problem.

So everytime I upgrade with bench, I have to do a bench update --reset because I always get this error:
WARN: shallow_clone is set in your bench config.
However without passing the --reset flag, your repositories will be unshallowed.
To avoid this, cancel this operation and run bench update --reset.

Consider the consequences of git reset --hard on your apps before you run that.
To avoid seeing this warning, set shallow_clone to false in your common_site_config.json

But everytime I do the bencn update --reset, I loose all the customization I made to every doctype (like hiding fields, position of custom added fields, print formats).
I tried to push my modifications to an app but I think I need to be in dev mode to do that because in production mode it doesnt seems to work and I’m not sure anymore how to do it.

Any help on how to avoid loosing everything at every update?

BTW I’m currently on ERPNext: v14.15.1 (version-14)

Frappe Framework: v14.25.1 (version-14)

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I have the same issue. How to remove that “shallow_clone” error?

any solutions?

What went wrong?

From my experience, even with training and full dedication, it’s hard to catch up:

  • Many moving parts
  • with much indirect terminology*
  • and side effects and work-arounds
  • with not touching it often enough
  • to stay on top of every agile change
  • w/o manuals kept current (= true)
  • or in too many distinct places**,
  • all this w/o relevant devops training
  • for the truly wonderful robust tool,
  • during a multi-version-transition
  • of a monolith into multiple parts
  • in different states of semi-integration.

*E.g. “Custom?” vs. “Dev-mode” vs. not really vs. multiple setting places changing from v to v, with scoped inheritances over several levels of abstraction and orchestrator adaptation.
**Like, announcement of important changes in PRs

The tool asked if I want to revive the topic – after suggesting it to me in an offered link.

This post also serves as my occasional sigh. Some of which get muted. Well, …
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