How to Avoid Pulling User Permissions (properties) into a Field?


I have a doctype with a Link Field: account.
Now I have set a default value for this link field but incase a user has an account mentioned in its permission the system automatically fetches that account into that field.

I would like to restrict the system from pull the user property for this particular field or doctype, how to accomplish that?

You can manage this by using Ingore User Permissions for particular field.
Refer following link - #5

Thanks, Priya

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@adityaduggal you can manage via Ignore User Permissions checkbox.

Deep T

@Deep This is Wrong. What I am trying to do is not accomplished by simply clicking ignore permission. I have tried that but it does not work.

Suppose you have a doctype like Journal Entry, and there you have a custom field like Employee. Now employee field would be automatically populated with the Employee mentioned in the user permission of the user creating the document.

I want to avoid that and not ignore the user permission.

@adityaduggal I understand what you are saying. It might need some more work around to get it done.

Deep T