How to avoid users to change the default outgoing email?

Hi guys, how are you doing ?
We are developing a product where which customer will have access to an instance with our custom app. We need to send transactional emails that Frappe has built-in like: welcome email, resetting password, notifications, etc… using our SMTP server and want to give user access to use his custom email to other tasks, like send a meeting invite. The problem here is that I need to have a fixed outgoing email server but can’t let the user change it or see the credentials. Does any one dealt with this scenario or can point directions to a solution ?

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Hi Gabriel!

Frappe and ERPNext have some undocumented features!

You can setup an standard email server under the common_site_config.json or o the site_config.json and the system will use that setting as a primary one!

Since it’s on the server the user dont have access to the credentials!

But even if you create the email server settings over the UI the user dont will have access to the credentials, if they dont have access to the backend!

Frappe encrypt any password stored on the database, and there’s not an easy way to get they without proper server access.


Hi Max,
This worked out.
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