How to become a professional ERPNext expert

I am completely new to ERPNext. I would love to make it my career as ERPNext expert who can installm, manage, and support different would be companies to whom I would like to give consultancy and complete management and support of ERPNext. Please advise me on following points:

  1. Which programming language, python, MySQL or frameworks I have to learn like python and frameworks\ how deep do i have to learn the necessary programming languages etc.
  2. How long should I expect to take before I can start consultancy

Start by downloading and installing from GitHub - frappe/erpnext: Free and Open Source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

The start examining the source code. I am sure many of your questions will be answered.

I am thick skinned in terms of codes.

its about frappe framework not about coding

So you mean I have to learn Frappe frameworks and not python or Mysql
If yes how do I go about it?

no i mean not only codding also need to learn frappe framework.

If I study 4 hours a day how long it can take to become erpnext pro

Cant give time :slight_smile:, its all about your codding understanding… if you don’t have codding experience

  1. Learn Codding Basics
  2. Java Script
  3. Python
  4. Frappe Framework
  5. MYSQL

You need to be thick skinned if you want to survive as a developer. :slight_smile: You wanna learn swimming - dive into the pool! You will learn the strokes as you overcome your fear of water. Good luck in your journey!


hi AmarKukreja1
you can download the Destop setup all in one from here.
It will speed up your learning.