[TIP] ERPNext V11 on ubuntu 16.04 "Desktop" with vscode Development setup

Hi Sometime it is not easy to setup Erpnext on ubuntu desktop and i dont find any any good tutorial fpr the same .Most of the instruction are for Server .
I have created a virtual box in which we have
frappe V11
Erpnext v11
vscode with debugging setup.
I have uploaded a clone on google drive . You can download the virtual box ,link is given below

ubuntu-16.04.6-desktop-amd64 for erpnext V11 development

Ubuntu Username:jai
Mysql Password:frappe
rest is default

just simply download the setup Extract it (as it is a compress file.) Import it in virtual box and you are ready to code .
you can use vscode as IDE and also for debugging.
the virtual drive have snapshot for each step. you can start from any step.

It also have command that used to installed this setup

Hope It will help someone who wants to learn erpnext customisation.


Hi @Jainitya_Jaiyswal, were you able to debug ERPNext code using VSCode?

yes everything is setup there. Just download the virtual box and start debugging