How to book discount in sale invoice

i found that i can book discount on the whole invoice like the tutorial said here
but i want it to be on item level and affect my books.
also if there is a report that i can see how much i give discount against price list price for item level .


Item level discounts can already be given in the line items. This will be against the price list of the item, You should be able to then build a simple report showing the item price (from price list) against the discount % or amount given.

The downside to this is that ERPNext will update the rate. So there won’t be separate accounting for this as it will book the discounted amount as the item’s rate. However you should be able to show the discount in the invoice.

when i open general ledger this way i can’t see it affecting the discount account in accounting

Based on this frappe post : Not Found

it appears that the workaround only works for total discount on the total invoice, not on a per line item basis.

I wonder if that’s a feature request already out for this