How to bring customized field from invoice to JV?

we have added one customized field named FS no on our invoice…and when we want to make payment or collection on the againstJV or against invoice part we want to see the customized field too…but we cannt if there is any solution?

I presume that the fs_no field in in Sales Invoice and not in the Sales invoice child table.
If that is the case then you should create a new custom field in JV fs_no
Then when you click on make payment entry on the Sales Invoice then the ds_no field would be mapped automatically to the JV.

Kindly note that the field names on both the doctypes should be same.

I think that it should be able to do it.

i did this one on the client side sales Invoice. but it is not working
Is some thing wrong.


Request to confirm doctypes in which you have inserted Custom Field.

In Sales Invoice - Is it Sales Invoice or Sales Invoice Item doctype?
In Journal Voucher - Is it Journal Voucher or Journal Voucher Detail doctype?

If both the custom fields are in the parent docytpe (i.e. Sales Invoice and Journal Voucher docytpe), then no custom script is needed. Just field name being same will be suffice,

If you have one custom field in parent doctype, while other is in child, then above script will not work for it.

Thanks for the response. The custom field is in both parent doctype (in Sales invoice and Journal Voucher). i removed the custom script, clear cache, but still the field value is not mapped to JV.

Please check in Customize Form if field_name for both these fields are same. Perhaps field label is same, but field name is not, hence data between these field is not getting mapped.

thanks for your response again and we have make it the same…but not coming yet

Please share screenshots of:

  1. custom_field_name in Customize Form.
  2. Custom Field in the actual form.
  3. Custom Script.

You can upload screenshots on and share links here. Please do not insert images direclty in reply to this post.

Hi Umair,

Sorry for late reply. I checked the fields they seem to be identical, any ways you can get the attached screen shots in by
I removed the custom script as they are both in parent Doctype.


I waited and tried so many tricks, but still could not map the value in the FS field of sales invoice to JV.