How to build a custom doctype as a column + row table

Hey guys,
I am wondering if in any way it’s possible to build a custom doctype as a table where columns and rows can be edited.

Has anyone done this before ?

Hello @Iulian_Olaru,

What you can do is :-

  1. Go to Customized Doctype (Table).
  2. For all the columns, there is a checkbox named “Allow on Submit”. Check it out for the columns you want to make editable.
  3. Save the Customized Doctype (Table).

Can you please describe any usecase for the particular requirement?

I hope you find this useful.

Thanks & Regards,

Are you talking about something like the Report Builder?

Yes indeed, something like that.

Is it enough? If not, why?

I apologise because at this moment I haven’t managed to find a solution that I can implement.

But yes, I believe having the possibility to create a table with customisable columns and rows that a user can create and edit, it will be a life saver at least for our business operations.

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