How to build custom layout for report

I created report. It displays in tabular format. I want to customize to my own format. How to go about building my own layout for report.

Not out of the box, Frappe use the slickgrid to render reports, You can use formatters to format cells or You will need to create a page and render your report in HTML instead

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How to render in our own html in frappe framework?

How to render in our own html in frappe framework? I dont want to create any doctype for customized report. I want to use data from 3 4 existing doctype and manipulate the data and display in my own format as report.

First you will need to fetch the data that you required, Then create a html template for your report then using Jinja templating or using micro templating you can render your report in Page.


I got it. Where should i put this jinja template, what are the steps. Any tutorial(not for jinja script but how to where to place it, how to get it working)?

My report is XYZ. Then i m able to see directory xyz & xyz.json, xyz.js. then i put xyz.html, But it is not workig. Anything i m missing?

@iamviji did you solve it can you tech me how?? please… thank you.