How to bulk update date of sales invoices

I need to update date for sales invoice for particular range shown above.

All sales invoices are submitted.

please help me to update this date.

I tried like below

Any idea?

@Sanath_Arachchcige good try on guessing the ‘Condition’ field. :slight_smile:

A correct condition here would be something like “right(name,5) BETWEEN 72 AND 134”.

But in this case, the bulk update will not work since the invoices are submitted and changes are not allowed on submitted invoices.

There is one solution I can think of to bulk update submitted invoices. You can download these invoice using the data import tool, then cancel and delete these invoices, then update your naming series to 71 then import the downloaded data after making the necessary changes and finally change the naming series back to the current value.

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Yeah, I made the 2nd solution and work perfectly.