How to calculate production cost by deducting damaged item quantity?


I,m doing production of an item X with a quantity of 500 piece. I have a BOM with raw materials of
BDT 98288 . It provides me a production cost of 192 for each item. I have a transfer cost of BDT 500 from work in progress warehouse to finished goods warehouse, which makes production cost 197 for each item. This is what I have done so far . But I have 50 piece of damaged product at the time of production which I can’t transfer to my finished good warehouse. So it will make total quantity to 450 and will increase production cost for each item to BDT 219 . I didn’t find any option to log that damaged quantity and increase price .

How can I deduct the damaged quantity before transferring to finished good warehouse and increase final production cost according to that ? And also where I can log warehouse transfer cost ?


@inventobd We don’t have a system to handle rejected goods in ERPNext against a production order. please check this kb to learn how to manage rejected goods. Frappe Cloud

There is a issue at Stock in BOM is fetched when updating finished goods, not from stock entries · Issue #3340 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub i feel is similar to your case. Please do give your inputs.

Hello neilLasrado

Thank you very much for your replay. Right now I,m doing this way. But this cannot be a solution. Because I need to calculate my production cost by deducting damaged quantity. But production order calculates production cost for each item from boom not from production order or finished goods quantity. This feature is very important .

@inventobd understand your point. We are planning to add up a setting wherein you can set if the FG entry must be based on BOM or the Raw materials transfered against that Prod Order.

Hello friend

any solution for this problem? I have an option in V.13 manufacturing setting “Backflush Raw Materials Based On” but it does not working. Regardless of the setting, It consider BOM as base.