How to calculate Salesperson wise and Item wise commission in Sale Orders and generate Salesperson salary?


How I can assign specific commission percentages to individual Salespersons and Items.

I need to give incentives to Salespersons and calculate the total salary of a Salesperson adding the commission from Sales Order they generate (commission of Salesperson + sum of commission of products in that Sales Order).
Salary is to be calculated monthly.

Any help on how can I make this type of flow in ERPNEXT?


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You can use additional salary doctype for that…
Available in V11.

Let’s say on 1st you create additional salary for each sales person with commission amount for previous month and submit it…

On 2nd you do payroll processing , all the additional salary slips will be included for the respective employees along with salary slip.

Auto creation of additional salary based on sales commission can be automated…

Hi @jignesh_shah, would you mind to guide me on how to “auto-create” additional salary? Thank you in advance.

Either you can do the coding for the same
OR if you are not a developer
you may post your requirement on

Noted. Thank you for your prompt reply. :grinning: