How to call function from one doctype py file to another py file of doctype?

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here logi360_vendor_order is a py file in logi360_vendor_order folder which has function create_status_log

but when i import the file as module.
error pop up

ImportError: Module import failed for Logi360 Dispatch, the DocType you’re trying to open might be deleted.
Error: No module named ‘logi360_vendor_order’

Try using the full path when importing the file as a module in Frappe. Make sure to include the application name, module name, and the complete path to the Python file. For example:

from frappe_appname.module_name.doctype.logi360_vendor_order.logi360_vendor_order import create_status_log

Replace frappe_appname with the name of your Frappe application, module_name with the name of the module where logi360_vendor_order resides, and logi360_vendor_order with the name of your Python file.

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