How to call one validation from Another doctype?


I am trying to validate a Sales Invoice. Now in the Sales invoice validation, I would also like to validate the address selected for its integrity.

I have 2 files in my app’s validation folders and

Now when a person saves an address the address validation kicks in and when a person saves a Sales Invoice then the Sales invoice validation kicks in.

But now I would like to add that when a person is saving a sales invoice then the system checks the integrity of the addresses selected as well. Is there a way that I can call the address validation from within the sales invoice validation file.

I have tried:

validate.address but it is giving me an error inside the

I have also tried this in my hooks but it does not seems to be working:

	"Address": {
		"validate": "rohit_common.rohit_common.validations.address.validate"
	"Sales Invoice": {
		"validate": "rohit_common.rohit_common.validations.sales_invoice.validate"
	"Sales Invoice": {
		"validate": "rohit_common.rohit_common.validations.address.validate"

Try this one inside validate function of

addr = frappe.get_doc("Address", self.customer_address)