How to cancel finally approved document?

Dear Experts,

We have implemented workflow on purchase order which is working fine.
Today by mistake a wrong purchase order is approved by CEO. How can we cancel it now?
As we find no option there.




This will happen in future also. So, best way to add one extra state in your workflow for Cancel and add docstatus - 2.
That’s how you can cancel every document after submit.

if I make this addition now in workflow,
will it allow me to cancel already approved document?


Yes its applied to all your previous submitted document.

I created new state “cancelled” with doc status-2 and mentioned the approving role in "only allow edit for " but still cancel option is not appearing.
Please help.


can you share screen shot of workflow.
Also check role of current user

Here is the screen shot of newly created cancel state

Here is the screen shot of complete track

As I think, it will be available before finally approved by CEO as rejected and cancelled has same doc status. & reject option appears before approving finally.

Yes you already given docstatus > 2 to Rejected State then why you adding Cancelled.
Also add one row in Transition Rules -

Approved By CEO		Reject	Rejected 		CEO
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Ok thanks, done.