How to capture a user email id when he submitted the custom doctype and add to it?

Hi folks,

Thanks for creating this awesome project.

I have created a custom doctype, whenever a user submits that request I want to capture Email ID of that submitted user and add it to the doctype. Is it possible ?

After a quick search, I came across Link types to User, but its lists down all the user and have to select it manually. I want this field to be populated with logged in user email id.

Any help would be much appreciated !!!

Create a link field which links to “User” doctype. In the default section set as “user”. You can also set the field as read-only or hidden.

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Hi @Yamen_Zakhour

Thanks for the reply, it worked. But if I try to access full_name field of User docytpe isn’t working. Do you know how I can achieve it ?

Configured the fields in Fetch from option but it didn’t work.

What is “User (full_name)”?
Let’s say your original link field is “submitted_name” (Links to “User” has a default of “user”)
You will create another field of type “data” that will fetch “full_name” from “submitted_name”